What is Confidence?

I’m sitting on the back porch of my Frisco, TX home smoking a cigar, and I’m listening to sports talk radio on my phone.  It’s football season, so the bouncing back and forth from college to the NFL (and sometimes high school ball) from these talk show hosts can be quite tiresome.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE football fan. But seriously… how much of ONE game can you possibly analyze?  It gets to the point now where they have just about analyzed everything, and now they have to fill precious air time.  So they talk about the attitude of the players coming off of a win or loss, the day off during the week (which is generally Tuesday for NFL teams), and the extra weight that some random back-up offensive lineman is carrying around in his fannie pack region.

And then they bring up a topic that seemingly ALL sports networks seem to bring up, right on cue… CONFIDENCE.

What is it?  I mean, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something [1].”  I get that, and I think that most of you understand.  But what is it about that word… CONFIDENCE, that gets us so riled up and hot and bothered every time we talk about a player’s ability to play the game of football?  Is it the way it rolls off of our tongue when we say it in regards to one of our favorite players?  Is it maybe the fact that some of us, when talking about someone else’s confidence, we start to get a little bit more confident in ourselves?

While I am still confused as to why we talk about a particular player’s confidence so much, I can’t help but to dwell on the fact that it is really one of the most important attributes that ANYBODY can have, in ANY workplace or playing field.

First off, let me seal my topic of football players and confidence by saying this: if it wasn’t for confidence, we wouldn’t be criticizing these guys on Monday morning after the game has been played.  Not only did these men work their tails off to be where they are today, they also had an immense amount of (I’m going to say it) swagger, both mentally and physically.  As if they knew that, whatever the opponent tries to do, they were going to beat them today. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. At least, that is what they felt in high school and college, which eventually got them to the point of playing on Sundays… and sometimes Mondays… and Thursdays now, too.

In reality, confidence (or swagger) is the key to being successful in life.  I don’t even necessarily mean financially.  Of course, financial benefits may be reaped by having confidence, but even something as simple as asking a strange woman out for dinner (I’m going to probably catch some flack for saying that that is a SIMPLE thing to do) takes an incredible amount of confidence to complete.  This type of elevated mentality takes more than just believing in yourself; it takes KNOWLEDGE.  KNOWING, both inside and out, that there is no way that you are being stopped from the goal you are trying to accomplish.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for whatever resistance you may be facing to stand in your way and deny you of what is rightfully yours.  Confidence is something that cannot be taught.  There have been jokers and impostors before who have charged a pretty penny for people to take classes and attend their seminars in order to TEACH confidence, but let’s be honest, if you can’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else want to believe in you?

Don’t take this as me being insensitive to the fact that many people in this world lack self-esteem.  I understand that it is a real problem.  But, at the end of the day, I can preach and scream and yell in your ear ’til I’m blue in the face that, “YOU CAN DO THIS,” or, “I KNOW YOU’VE GOT THIS,” but it is up to YOU to realize for yourself that you are capable.  Enter, CONFIDENCE.  When that realization hits and you dig deep within yourself to complete the task, that’s when your confidence gears start to turn.

Which begs the further question(s)… Doesn’t confidence reside in all of us?  Because if it can’t be taught, it can only be revealed, right?  Everyone has confidence within their leaving, breathing, existing being.  Some people just push theirs closer to the surface than others.

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St. Michaels Concours d’Elegance: 1932 Auburn 12-160A Boattail Speedster

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We attended the St. Michaels Concours d’Elegance a few weeks ago, and right as we walked through the entrance we were greeted by this stunning machine.  It is an Auburn 12-160A Boattail Speedster, and I was told it is the same model that was used recently in the Great Gatsby. The difference is that the one in the movie was quite plain, while this one is nothing short of immaculate. Just look at the way those orange accents flow along the lines of the car, and of course, there is also the hood ornament… a naked woman made of crystal. What’s not to love? Enjoy the photos.

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Rookie Zatkoff to start one of Penguins’ next two games

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Rookie goalie Jeff Zatkoff will make his NHL debut either Friday or Saturday when his undefeated Penguins travel to Florida for games against the Panthers and Lightning, respectively.

Pittsburgh head coach Dan Bylsma confirmed the plan today.

Marc-Andre Fleury will get the other start, of course.

Zatkoff has put up good numbers during multiple seasons in the AHL. The 26-year-old was installed as the Pens’ backup after it was learned veteran Tomas Vokoun would be out 3-6 months with a blood-clot issue.

“I want to go with the goaltending we have here and see how we do,” general manager Ray Shero said last week. “Like anything, you’ll evaluate as you go. Since Tomas has been out I know who every available free agent goalie is because I’ve gotten calls from their agents and other teams.

“Right now I want to go with this and see how we do. I…

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